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Heated Tire Siper

Sipe Tires Quickly And Effortlessly While Maintaining Precise Control. Siping Can Greatly Improve Traction by Allow...
ALLSTAR  |  Part# ALL-10266   More Details...


#4 Flat Blades 4/32IN 12 Pack

Hard Tempered Spring Steel Blades Are Designed For Use With The All10260, All10270 And All10590 Heated Tire Groover...
ALLSTAR  |  Part# ALL-10272   More Details...


Hooked Backing Pad

Tire Sander Backing Pad - 8 In OD - 5/8-11 In Thread - Fiber - Allstar Tire Sanders - Kit. ....aisle 8 Shelf 4
ALLSTAR  |  Part# ALL-44188   More Details...


Tire Covers - Modified

Cover Tires Quickly And Easily. Elastic Bands Allow You To Stretch The Cover Over Your Tires After Washing Or Grin...
ALLSTAR  |  Part# ALL-44222   More Details...


Slide Pads 3pr For ALL10770/ALL10260

Tire Groover Pads - Allstar All In One Tire Groover - Set Of 6 ......aisle 8 Shelf 3
ALLSTAR  |  Part# ALL-99306   More Details...


Tire Grinding Disk - 16 Grit

Used Maily For Late Model And Sprint Car Tires
TIRE GRINDING DISC  |  Part# DSK-59-HOO44179   More Details...


Tire Grinding Disk - 36 Grit

Used Maily For Sport Mod, Stock Car, Modified And Mod Lite Tires
TIRE GRINDING DISC  |  Part# DSK-59-HOO44189   More Details...


Stanley Powerlock Stagger Tape

Stagger Tape. ....aisle 7 Shelf 8
STANLEY STAGGER TAPE  |  Part# STN-33-115   More Details...